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Author:  Rustyfords [ Tue Apr 22, 2014 1:21 pm ]
Post subject:  About the Tech Section

A few things to know about the Tech Section:

- This is generally not the place to start a new thread to ask a question...even if it is a technical question.

- Threads in this section typically have been started in the General Discussion section and, once the replies have reached a point where the thread contains some solid, valuable advice/responses, the thread will get moved here by the admins.

- Our aim with the Tech Section is to have individual threads that are limited to one aspect/function of the 54 Ford. This makes browsing the Tech Section easy and answers/knowledge easy to come by.

- Please do feel free, however, to add your knowledge to existing threads.

- There are exceptions to the rule however. And, if you'd like to start an entirely new thread in the Tech Section to share your technical expertise on a new topic, please email or PM me and let me know. Chances are very good that I'll give you the green light.

- Otherwise...any thread that starts out by simply asking a question will get moved to the General section.

- Sorry if all that seems wordy or picky. I'm just trying to keep the Tech section clean, useful and easy to navigate.

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