'54 Ford Club of America
Tom Hoskins, President


Welcome to the Official Website of the
'54 Ford Club of America.


The '54 Ford club of America is dedicated to the knowledge, preservation, and advancement of 1954 Ford cars, trucks, and tractors.

If you have an interest in 1954 Fords, join the club. Dues are $20.00 per year. (Click on "JOIN THE CLUB").

The club is 25 years old. We started in 1986 and have over 550 members nationwide and a few overseas. We do a newsletter quarterly featuring our hundreds of members.

The club welcomes all 1954 Fords, whether they are personalized, customized, resto-rods, or like they came from the factory.

Our website is dedicated to all 1954 Ford enthusiasts, and Forum Participants can learn all about the 1954 Ford and communicate with other '54 Ford owners.

Tom Hoskins, President hoskinstom@yahoo.com

Don Allen, Webmaster

Danny Berry, Moderator 54fordclub@gmail.com

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